New RC Blog Under Construction

I had mentioned in a recent post that I may start a new page/blog just on the subject of RC’s–the hobby,and my goings-on/involvement in it. The more I thought about that,the more I thought it would be a good idear for me at this point in the hobby.

For one thing,it will give me a dedicated place to stay focussed on a single subject without bouncing around between what’s become just-too-many-catagories (which I have on this page ;) :P ). For another,being a dedicated page to a single theme/subject,it’s my hope that I’ll be more motivated to be more active within an aspect/interest/hobby of mine,which seems a good thing to me. Among several other “Pros” I’ve got figured,just these two make it a worthwhile thing to me.

Anyways,I’ve been happy with WordPress thus far,so I simply created another (attached) here by clicking “Create New Blog” on the “My Sites” page. It’s not complete,but it’s up and published (no posts or pages/etc yet),a rough draft so to speak. I’m not sure how to (or if it’s even an option) add a perminent link to this page’s Home,I haven’t looked into it,but here’s a link none-the-less.

The DC’s RC Place


I’m a bit excited to create it,and looking forward to digging back into the hobby :)

As an aside/note,it seems I’ve chosen a “bad week” to get out and run the SCX10 Jeep Rubicon,aside from record low temps (for eg,it was a confirmed 12 degrees yesterday morning–if you didn’t know,I have issues with certain old issues in cold temperatures,below 25 degrees or so*),there’s been lots of normal everyday things and errands keeping me unable to have much free out-of-house time,and the Wife has been taking the FJ to work all week so far** (which is fine,LOL,it’s her gosh-darn vehicle too :P :) ). It’s suppoed to be considerably warmer by weekend (up to the mid 50’s),but there are month+ old plans for both Saturday and Sunday***,not to mention they’re calling for rain both days. Soon,though–I’m anxious :P




*My left index finger,having been surgically repaired/internally rebuilt with synthetic parts and Ti pins/screws wants to “lock up”,or freeze/seize in place of whatever position it’s in until thawed (and yes,that both does damage and is quite…unpleasant) for example.

**Including a couldn’t-be-rescheduled appointment the Daughter had Tuesday

***Saturday we’re going out of town to visit the same family/in-laws we visited with last month,our “Thanksgiving” get-together,and Sunday we’re picking up a new-to-us living room suit at my parents’ house,and it looks like we will be trying to keep it dry while getting it here from the weather reports,LOL!

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The Year of the RC Trail Rig….Sort-of

So I’ve bought two new RC rigs this year (the last of those arrived back in August),in effort to regain some lost enthusiasm for a hobby that I truly love. An Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho RTR and an RC4WD Trail Stomper RTR (Ready To Run…though the Trail Stomper wasn’t exactly*). That was August. Still,despite not having participated in the hobby much,2014 (thus far,anyways) could be considered “The Year of the RC Trail Rig” around here,as I’ve bought 2 new rigs this year.**

It’s now November,and seeing them sitting there on the table covered in dust,as of yet undriven (I haven’t even so much as finished a body for the Trail Stomper yet….though I have recently been doing some detail work on thet Pro-Line ’92 Jeep Cherokee body for it) as I read the new issue of RC Driver magazine (I’ve been a subscriber for years,since issue #2,having sent in the first sub card found in issue #1…a real shame all back issues prior to the house fire of 2011 were lost,LOL) kind-of lit a fire in me,as it also made me feel guilty for having spent the money and not having so much as used them (though I do actually enjoy just seeing them sitting there :P ),so I started wondering when the last trail run that I had had was. As I would have posted about it–this being more of an online personal journal than blog–I scrolled back through here to have a look-see.

Wow…when on the forums or FB when a friend asks when the last trail run I’ve had was,I usually respond with something like “Man…I haven’t so much as charged a battery pack in months” or simliar. Imagine my shock (and horror) when I scrolled back and found that my last trail run was…gasp…just over a year ago today :o :( So I asked me “How can this be?!?”,but I had no answer to give me. Before I got to the point of arguing amongst myself about it,I charged a battery  pack up today (my least powerful/shortest lasting pack,as I don’t have the FJ today and was limited to running here,didn’t want 3 hours of run time,hahaha!) and took the old SCX10 Jeep Rubicon out back and did some hill climbing into the little wooded area behind our trailer. Why the heck have I not been trailing??? It’s fun!!!

Anyways,I now regret having sold or traded off most of the new parts/upgrades I’d bought last year for the SCX10 Jeep (which would also easily bolt right onto the new Trail Honcho),as it still needs the complete tune-up/repairs that it did over a year ago. I think,though,that I will go ahead and order the parts needed,as well as a few new tools that I needed then as well as now to complete the work,and I think I’ll go ahead and do what I intended to do last year,which is to write up a series about it here (complete with video,possibly),with a monthly (or weekly) budget style of project.

As we have a pretty full weekend planned (as we usually do,LOL!),I probably won’t get on this until next week,but what I’m thinking that I’ll do,is to charge up a couple of stick packs and head out to some local hiking/mtn biking trails that I’m familiar with and run it hard,see where it’s worn and what needs attention first,and make the initial post about my findings. As I now have 3 SCX10s*** that I’ll be going 3 completely different paths with****,I may even make a spin-off to here just on this subject (RC)–you know,I mean if I actually get off my bum and do these things,hahaha! :P

Anyways,the Wife will be home in a few and we have to run out to the grocery,and make it back home before 9pm (it’s Gimm night on NBC,and there’s a new episode to watch,heeheehee) so I’d best be getting ready to roll. Just the things on my mind the last few days. Wishing everyone a great and safe weekend :D




*RTR means RTR,just add batteries and go. The Trail Stomper came with two bodies,but neither has been painted or finished (cut and reamed to fit the chassis) yet.

**Well…it could also be considered “The Year of the 1:1 Trail Rig”,since we bought not 1 but 2 of my long time admired rigs from my “I wanna buy one someday” list,the 1998 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) and the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser,but I digress…

***I kinda-sorta maybe bought a shiny new Axial SCX10 Deadbolt yesterday :o See,the Deadbolt is the rig I had been wanting to buy when I bought the Honcho back in July/August,but everywhere I could find had been out of stock–as they still seem to be (they’ve had fresh batches,and promptly sold out…this is Axial’s least expensive ever SCX10 RTR ;) ).

****I’m thinking that I’ll go as “scale” as possible with the Rubicon,striving to make it as realistic as possible. For the Honcho,I think I’ll do one of those “Keep it simple-stock as long as possible” (with exceptions for the wheels/tires,as I’d already installed the Axial beadlock wheels wrapped in sweet Pro-Line Swamper TSL’s and I like em). As for the Deadbolt,with forum member Harley (one of the ones who’d inspired me to do a “budget build” in the first place last year) has recently started a weekly budget build of the Deadbolt,in effort to systematically make it a great performer,with Recon G6 comps in mind,so I may go that route with mine as well. We’ll see what inspiration,mood and budget allows :P

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11-8-14; East Tennessee FJ Cruisers 1st Club Meet/Trail Ride: Hurricane Creek,NC–Link

We got a little (very little,LOL :P ) video put together too. It’s not much,but here it is…

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11-8-14; East Tennessee FJ Cruisers 1st Club Meet/Trail Ride: Hurricane Creek,NC–Part III of III

More pics…

1653547_10202783581812365_3960259970932508009_n 1966350_997287040287019_6290182527120844687_o 10153938_10202783582092372_2847190333014820419_n 10257016_997286593620397_37794390337528466_o 10417661_10202783581572359_9018927919478258798_n 10393945_10202783578572284_6011450812244491232_n 10389997_10202783580372329_6577548281616325181_n 10382667_1497599497183441_5367604917586872948_n 10376918_997375896944800_2215760453083546981_n 10370449_1497599830516741_8758766851285686835_n 10368261_10202783583252401_2842977068548935678_n 10345555_1497600027183388_3447395908146276410_n 10336661_10202783577492257_6222757176602495833_n 10417674_1497599683850089_6593469220939902436_n 10435702_1497599737183417_8483255219361619277_n 10448230_10202783579972319_8544950925898479653_n 10451698_1497599543850103_4753871186577053833_n 10534821_997287263620330_752159201988867089_o 10547922_997286653620391_5146737702692117763_o 10603999_997286590287064_7215752216640310885_o 10608493_997286966953693_5343379458229581125_o 10620739_10202783579412305_7216091983211318916_n 10649982_10202783581252351_8790495970259400874_n 10649614_10202783582572384_51228086477801416_n 10649606_10202783579692312_1416837815179108410_n 10636824_997286603620396_6794209984648727836_o 10636652_997287266953663_1603078314321944667_o 10636205_1497599663850091_7313048695173402033_n 10630712_997287223620334_4589810468141576797_o 10628393_10202783579052296_9000314822242683432_n 10624688_1497599433850114_1392941901956657204_n 10669266_997286776953712_1502837257803329982_o 10696285_1497599463850111_3961751614046794424_n 10712713_10202783577692262_1090875712865657570_n 10712964_10202783583732413_8735229893021028210_n 10733501_997286916953698_1488274981186242328_o 10734065_1497599917183399_1487054580748264961_n 10734261_1497600157183375_4606184152266098629_n 10750122_997286973620359_6318910428068063643_o 10801816_1497599403850117_9000424678185642711_n

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11-8-14; East Tennessee FJ Cruisers 1st Club Meet/Trail Ride: Hurricane Creek,NC–Part II of III

More pics…

024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 988398_1497599850516739_7685176102767396661_n 1234676_1497599987183392_4051223430218572523_n 1374293_1497599593850098_7617207465225806965_n 1450226_10202783578772289_6908871191728657308_n 1454877_1497599560516768_1860707991979354879_n 1457608_10202783580972344_3018583838183856385_n 1457760_1497600187183372_5288839024765816881_n 1463759_10202783580692337_3727539076699436030_n 1488644_1497599720516752_3267924418667432556_n 1490881_997286746953715_7438389036612725306_o 1610839_1497599800516744_8552673022050414298_n

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11-8-14; East Tennessee FJ Cruisers 1st Club Meet/Trail Ride: Hurricane Creek,NC–Part I of III

(video by another club member,used here with permission)

The East Tennessee FJ Cruisers had our first ever get together/trail ride this past Saturday as expected (it had been postponed from the previous Saturday due to weather),there were 7 members and one guest (out of towner,they were from Louisiana in their new 2014 4Runner and were travelling through,wanted to join in) who showed for the ride,and everyone had a blast!

None of the trails that we ran were of any challenge to any of the FJ’s (or 4Runner) in attendance,but they weren’t “dirt roads” either,they were just fun trails,if not overly challenging. There were a few rocks,a bit of mud,some creek crossings,and a bit of climbing around the ridge–nothing that any well equipped Toyota 4×4 couldn’t handle,though there were a few times the 4Runner needed some extra time and a spotter (it wasn’t equipped with any kind of locker as the FJ’s are,and had a longer wheelbase,making some of the tighter turns/switchbacks a 3-5 point turn,for example).

We stopped several times to chat and stretch our legs on trail,as some members had their young kids along (unfortunately,neither of our kids wanted to go :/ ) too,and we all had brought coolers full of snacks and sandwich stuffs as well. I think next trip,we will bring our small propane grille,and the group and all contribute to having the supplies to cook up some hotdogs and burgers and such to make for a better time than pb&j did (though we all love a good pb&j…),LOL :P ,we’ll see how that goes next get together :)

All in all,it was a great day,and we can’t wait until next get together/trail ride! Below are the pics from the group as posted up in our Facebook group,used here with permission-in no particular order (they’re all lumped in together).

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 011 012 013 014 015 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 033      More pics coming :)


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A Hodge-Podge of Non-Related Ramblings

Just a small note on yesterday’s elections…I finally have a little Hope for a bit of Change that leaves my Hope that there might be a little Chnage left in my pocket in two years renewed…now if we can just bring traitorous criminals to justice for the scandals…er…I mean felonies that they’ve commited under Constitutional Law,we’ll be on the right track.

As I’d mentioned breifly in a comment reply,Quicken Loans left us hanging on the hundreds I spent in (documented) mileage that we ran directly at their requests,but they did refund our “good faith money” that we had paid to them (which is about half of what we’d lost to them). Coldwell Bankers is jerking us around and dragging feet to refund (as per our signed contract stated,”if you are denied financing,this will be refunded…”) on the $500 that we paid to them,however. They assure me “it’s coming,we just have to go through the red tape”,though Friday will make 2 full weeks since we were denied financing (and over a week since we signed papers to get our refund). Besides the fact that I sold my beloved Jeep to pay these things,we’re anxious to make some home improvements to our trailer*,since it seems we’re meant to be here a bit longer. But enough negative–it’s been a great last several days,and moods around here have been great as well,these things will be taken care of,no need to be upset at this point :)

The new-club’s first get together for an all FJ trail ride that was to happen last Saturday was rescheduled due to weather. I was disappointed,but we did have something going on with family that needed us to be home,and the new date is Saturday (11-8-14),same place,same times,so we’re looking forward to that this weekend. If nothing prevents it’s happening again (or prevents our attending),look for pics sometime next week.

Since we’re going to be here  for a while,it’s obvious to everyone under this roof that another shed/workshop needs to be bought or built,and fairly soon. As we haven’t used the camper but a fraction of what we’d expected to,I suppose we may list it for sale (to find someone to take over the payments) in the coming weeks,and when it sells,finance another professionally built unit with a portion of the camper’s expenses (monthly payment + insurance is around $250 per month…and it just sits….at dad’s house….). This is needed to both house our bicycles (which are currently parked 3 in our living room,and the rest in dad’s garage),and to get my RC rigs/gear out of boxes where I’ll actually want to use them some.

I ran into an old friend from my youth over the weekend,spent a few hours over dinner (if one could call McDonalds dinner) talking of the good old days,growing up together,tearing up the trails (and motocross tracks) on motorized two-wheelers. MAN do I miss those days! I could never again race moto or anything crazy like that (crazy to attempt such with a once-already-mangled spine,that is,which I still have last time I checked :P ),but I did take mental note of all the dirt bikes and ATVs running the trails at Back Mountain last trip up….well,ok,he and I were talking about the last pair of bikes I’d owned when new,a 1986 Yamaha IT200 and  a 1997 Honda XR400R-both of which I’d sold ot him (not at the same time). When he said “I still own em both,wanna buy em back? The XR’s like new still,but that old IT needs a resto-job done…”,I have to admit,I’m tempted–to buy both back. The XR (being a mild mannered 4 stroke trail bike from before the days of modern hotrod 4 strokers) to ride around the woods,and the IT (being twice the bike in power and suspension that the XR ever was,in all it’s old-world 2 stroke glory) to tear down and restore. Good things of day dreams,LOL,but I doubt I’d do it/buy either**.

Something that isn’t just dreams of days gone by,but that I haven’t been doing much of anything with lately (again…miss having a workshop ;) ),I piddled with one of my (still new and un-ran) RC rigs this week,the RC4WD Trail Stomper. I grew tired of seeing that clear Proline ’92 Jeep Cherokee body sitting on it collecting dust,so I cleaned it up (the dusty body) and got some of the detail painting done on it (eg: door handles,roof rack rails,cowl vents,etc). I’ll try and get all of that done so’s I can finally cut the body to fit (wheelwells,body mount holes reemed,etc) and get it sprayed–I’m semi-replicating my recently sold ’98 XJ if you didn’t know–install the few upgrades I’d bought along with it,and get it on trail in the coming week or two,as well as getting that Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho (just as new and unused to date) out on trail too. Heck,that one’s ready to roll,only needing a fresh battery pack installed to go. I may take one of them with me on the next trip up to Black Mountain to play with a bit,that’d be cool :)

Well,I’m rambling. Though I really didn’t have much of anything to talk about to begin with,I’ll stop short of repeating the same things in a new paragraph,LOL,and wish everyone a happy Thursday tomorrow ^_^




*Well,LOL,we’re wanting a new couch/sectional and bigger TV :P

**As much as I’d LOVE to own and ride those two again–and I would enjoy it–one minor incident/wipe-put with my bending the “wrong way” with my spinal injuries would end my walking upright days…if I’m lucky (not to mention that all the bouncing around would probably aggitate said injuries). Nah,good day dream fodder,but I accepted years ago that those days are no more than that (day dreams) and behind me.

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