Getting Geared Up and Ready For Touring Season

Over the last couple of days,going stir-crazy where I haven’t been riding after the finger mishap (that’s just about over,after yesterday,the not riding to give it time to heal thing…read on),I’ve spent lots of time out in the workshop,just tinkering with things. I bet I’ve cleaned the shop up and out about “50 million 11 times” (a common expression the Wife says when being funny…inside joke,LOL :P ),hahaha!

So the latest thing I piddled around with was to gather all of the Boy’s and my camping gear,get it out for inspection,and prep the (Surly) Troll up for the first upcoming bike-packing (for those unfamiliar with the term,it’s like backpacking,but with a bike-I didn’t coin the term),so I removed the pair of water bottle cages from the fork and re-installed the low-rider front rack. I noted to remember,this isn’t a quick-add-on rack,it takes a few minutes to get it on and off,and requires a wider axle going through the wheel than the standard mtn wheel size (which I purchased when I got the rack…being thankful the LBS had one in stock).

001      I still only have the one pair of panniers*,so I threw them on just to see how they looked again,as well as making sure they were in good condition and how they mounted in both front and rear racks.

002 005 006 008

After setting up our old tent (and letting it air out a couple of hours) and packing it back,rolling out sleeping bags and such,I packed it all up and decided to throw it on the bike,see how it all packs on a smaller setup (remember,I formerly used the Trek/Xtracycle for our S24O’s,bike-packing trips/mini-tours,LOTS more room. I tend to over pack/take too much stuff,and our gear isn’t the most expensive…it doesn’t pack small ;) ).

009 010 011 012 013

I want to note that I have some more gear on order currently (I really should hide my Amazon account info from myself,hahaha :P ),including a nicer sleeping bag for the Boy (as his current one is cheesy-cheap and really only suited for indoor sleepovers-his new one on order is from a well known brand name,well made,and suitable for camping out down to 40 degrees),a new pair of panniers (a bit larger than the ones I currently have,so the old ones will ride the front rack now),a new cooking stove and canister of fuel and a small-but-decent looking LED lantern (lighting in the campsite/inside the tent is something I almost always…don’t think about,so…). The next round of order will be nice inflatable sleeping pads and some dry-bags/compression sacks I suppose. The pads I’m looking at roll up neatly to about the size of a nice thermos (note the size of the one roll on the rear rack in the pics above…plus it’s none-too-comfy either). I’ll do mini-reviews of the new gear when it comes in next week.

Those who know me well,already knew this bit of the week’s story was coming,especially with decent weather and no school today…

With the Surly all loaded up,gear checked and prepped for the year’s first camp-out,I got the hair brained scheme to head out for a S24O last evening,heeheehee! With expected temps in the upper 30′s-low 40′s at night last night,the Boy opted to not go with (which I would have recommended anyways had he not,despite that these trips are infinitely nicer/more enjoyable and more memorable with my son along with…),so I headed out from home,the Jeep loaded with everything inside at around 4pm to the Virginia Creeper (rail) trail,intent on making it south of Damascus VA (from Abingdon) into National Forest areas for a bit of stealth camping by dark (about 20 miles,+ or – a few yards). Actually,I had my mind set on a specific a tent site I know of. Imagine my surprise when I get there a few hours later (after sunset,mind you) and a Forrest Service employee was out and about,and informed me that no camping was permitted yet (though stealth camping anywhere inside of the Forrest area is legal,I didn’t really feel like hike-a-biking into the woods and setting up a site),sigh. So with temps quickly dropping,interest in staying waning just as quickly,I did a 180 degree turn and pedaled fast back towards the Jeep,not quite making it back before it was pitch dark (I might mention that I forgot ANY type of lighting,including headlight,hahaha!).

Ah well…I got a good ride in anyways (around 35-37 miles). A funny ending to the trip-the Wife,knowing that south of Damascus there’s no cell service,had turned off and put to charge her cell,and the daughter must have had hers on vibrate and couldn’t hear it ringing when I tried to call while driving home,because I couldn’t get hold of either,so I just drove on home unannounced. When I got home,I backed the Jeep into it’s spot,grabbed a few things out of the passenger’s side floor and walked up the porch and knocked (knowing my key won’t unlock the deadbolt that I knew would be locked for the night ;) ). The dog didn’t bark (of course not,she most assuredly heard and recognized the Jeep’s engine when I parked),and I heard a shuffle of activity as 2 kids scrambled to their rooms (mind you,it was now around 11pm,so a guest was unexpected),and then nothing. So I knocked again…3 times,LOL,before the Wife finally said barely loud enough to hear “Who is it?”. “Who it is!” I said quickly,laughing out loud as I did,and she opened the door for me,and laid my .357 Magnum on the TV stand before throwing her arms around me,LOL! Well…reading it as I typed it,it doesn’t sound all that funny….but it was humorous last night and we all laughed about it :P Anyways,I can’t wait to get back out with the Boy for the year’s first S24O (Sub 24 hour Outing ;) ),and longer trips as scheduling allows :D

I’d like to wish everyone a great weekend coming,and a happy Easter holiday :)

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SO I Got Bored

Man,it was sure a beautiful weekend here,with temperatures in the upper 70′s to mid 80′s,hardly a cloud in the sky,and a good cool breeze on both days. I HATED that the Boy and I didn’t get to go camping out Friday night…and Saturday night was even nicer (heck,LOL,last night was even nicer than that! :P ). We did,however,as a family go hiking last evening-and by as a family,we brought Moonlight and leash as well. It was a fun time,but I didn’t think to get any pics of it,so you will have to take my word for it,hahaha! It was actually 2014′s first complete family outing,with both kids,the Wife and the dog. It was nothing special in that it was just our local city park trails (Steele Creek Park),but it was special being we all got outside together :)

Saturday,though,I was going stir crazy,wanting to get out and enjoy the warmest day of the year to date and not really being able to go out an do things like I would have wanted (finger seems to be infection-free and healing nicely,though I have banged it against things too many times to count and broken it loose twice so it could start to heal again,LOL!). So I thought it would be a good time to clean out the workshop a bit,organize the loft an dsweep the floor and such. This,of course,led me to tinkering with things,which led to working on things,which led to…..well,I pulled most of the original parts off of the ’96 Specialized Hard Rock (all of the drivetain,brakes and cables),drug the Xtracycle Free Radical kit from the farthest corner of the loft and put it all together (the Free Radical to the bike frame-I have no super long cables or chains laying around ;) ).

14 15 16 18 19

I think I like it that way,but of course as projects go,parts and misc. bits need be bought,and being a single-speed kind-of guy not knowing all of the workings of shifty-bits,I’ll let the boys at the shop finish that aspect up,I think.

Things I will need buy for it (aside from the above mentioned cables and chain) are a complete 8 or 9 speed drivetrain (cassette for the rear wheel,derailluers,shifters and MAY-be a new bottom bracket and crank-set),new V-style brakes (more stopping power than the canti-levers this old bike came with),a pair of tires more suited to modern riding (meaning they’ll hold air and not have dry rot ;) ) and eventually-once I get moved back to a place that I can go car-lite and actually use this thing to haul real loads-a stouter wheel-set. I’ll be wanting a cruiser-style handlebar,but I may use the one I have currently on the Surly Troll (I’m not sure I like that one on that bike so much) to close up the distance between the bars and seat,since this is a Large frame (21″) and I normally ride a Medium (17.5-19″)…I dunno,I was just tinkering-it’s not like I have much use for it right now (it’s just about to long of a bicycle for me to safely/legally haul on either vehicle and I do not live in a place I can safely/realistically expect to ride much for utility),LOL! :P

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend :)

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Awe MAN,not again!!! (WARNING: If the site of blood/injury bothers you,don’t read this one)

This will be a short entry,it’s aggervatin’ to type with one hand,LOL! :P

I don’t know what it is,cosmic forces standing against me,or the good Lord just not wanting me to do it,but SOMEthing happens,every year that prevents my being able to complete the annual 30 Days of Cycling (at least I made it 11 days into it this year…),sigh :/

While prepping some ground out back to set the tent up for a camp-out with the Boy tonight (saplings,plus sharp Spyderco…),I had a mishap. Well,dang near cut my left pinky off as I was startled when a Copperhead snake darted from underneath some brush across my foot while mid stroke cutting a sapling that I didn’t want poking the tent bottom. I’ll confess right now,I hate them ER visits,and though it probably needed a few stitches,this isn’t my first (or second or third…) blade mishap self handled (and if it gets worse or infected,then yes I will go then).

It wasn’t as bad as the last time,at least this time blood was dripping (at a good rate,I might add) instead of the squirting like last time (5-6 years ago),LOL,but I did leave a nice trail to the house and on the porch. The Daughter was very helpful (if a bit panic-y) in administering first aid and clean up/treatment and dressing of the wound,as well as clean up of the mess in the bathroom (the very best stories often begin with “Don’t tell Mom ;) ).

I didn’t get any pics of it when it happened,but realizing an hour later that I had wrapped it well too tightly,I pulled things loose unwrapping so I could re-dress and re-wrap it. Still not the best pics,but…

1 2 3 4 005 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

I’m sure an ER doc would have given me 4-6 stitches or 2-4 staples,but they probably would have only CA (super glue ;) ) glued it,and as I said…this wasn’t my first time (I was certified to be an EMT for several years beginning with my Army service). At any rate…I will neither be camping out tonight,having the family fun day as planned tomorrow (we’ll still have it,but there won’t be any swimming,cycling or ball playing ;) ),or riding for several days,at least until healing/scabbing begins,sigh :/

I don’t know whether this is the worst,or the funniest/coolest part…I realized while re-dressing it that I no longer have any injury free Little Piggies on my left hand,LOL! :P …..


The thumb scar is from childhood,I was a pre-teen,using an Xacto-knife attempting to carve a teddy bear holding a heart for Mother’s Day.

12 16

The index and middle fingers were an on-the-job injury on 11-1-01 in Utah. The index was sliced cleanly into two (and surgically repaired/internally replaced to the knuckle joint),while the middle was sliced deeply with the same cut.


The ring finger-while working on a busted lawn mower (this was the “last one” mentioned above) at the old house (the burned one),sliced it deeply with jagged metal,severing the main vein going through it. I remember,to get the bleeding to stop while waiting on the ambulance my Wife called in a fit of panic,I had to hold and pinch off the blood vein with her tweezers. After chatting with an old high school buddy who was the EMT who arrived in the ambulance,we decided there was really no need to receive a $3,000 bill for a few drops of CA glue at the ER,so he carefully re-inserted the vein back within the skin,and I glued (and treated until healed) it myself,LOL!

I suppose it goes without saying that I have a fairly high pain thresh-hold/tolerance level (quite probably due to living with chronic spinal pain every day since the accident back on 3-31-01)-oh,I don’t LIKE pain,mind you,hahaha,but I can tolerate it.

ANYways,I won’t get to complete the 30 Days again this year,sigh…maybe next year :o But at least I now have enough funny injury stories to last out counting on 1 hand now,hahaha! :P But now,each and every left side Little Piggy will be matching :P


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Kelty Tempest 2 Two Person,3 Season Tent; Review: First Impressions


As I mentioned,I picked up a new tent this week (Monday,actually). First,a note about previous tents I have owned and enjoyed,and a note about myself…

I have an expression that suits me fine,”I dig inexpensive things that work well,or at least sufficiently”,and that expression certainly fits many of the things I choose to spend my money on. I don’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy or admire more expensive things,but I dig the opposite when it applies. It doesn’t always (apply),sometimes (some would say,”often times”) inexpensive equals cheap,as in junk,but not always. Let me say this right now,I have never spent more than $45 for a tent that sleeps less than 4 people comfortably-my reasoning being,tents can be pricey,and if it only gets used for bike-camping-as much as I’d LOVE to go every weekend-it would just be difficult to justify buying an expensive tent (for my purposes here,lets say “expensive tents” being those between $125 and upwards of hundreds of bucks).



That said,Kelty has never really been on my short list of tents to pick up,as many of their models are well above $100,the Tempest being included. I caught a 50% off sale at a local outfitters,making it a $70 bargain,LOL! In the grand scheme of things in the backpacker’s/bike-packer’s world,even the full regular pricing of $140 isn’t bad for a quality 3 season tent of this size and weight (around 5lbs or so),especially with the reviews I found and read online on this exact model (by my math-work/calculations,out of prossibly 100 reviews I read,with a score of 5 Stars meaning an amazing tent,it averaged a well respected 4.5,for persons not over around 6’2″ anyways,LOL :P ).

2 3 4

*So I took it out back this evening and set it up for the first time,specifically not looking at it’s instructions before-hand (these style of tents are fairly easily figured out anyways,but I wanted to do it as if I’d neglected to read them and was setting it up on a S24O outting).

Cracking open the box revealed,unlike the great-for-the-money less expensive tents I was accustomed to (Coleman comes to mind),it comes in a nice stuff sack,as opposed to a practically worthless mini-duffle bag,a nice touch. Once out of the bag,so to speak,I found everything neatly rolled up inside the main tent body,with fiberglass reinforced poles,familiar steel stakes,a mesh mini-loft and several rolled up guy lines kept securely in two baggies. I knew this going in,having seen several pics of this tent in all of the reviews I’d read,the rainfly is a full coverage type of fly,also a new thing to me.

5 6 7 8 9

Setup was quick and easy,especially with rain-fly ends and stake points color coded,it took all but about 6-7 minutes,including running back into the shed for a small hammer to drive the stakes into the ground with,was very straight-forward and intuitive. One has the choice of sleeping sans rain-fly with lots of mesh for both cool breezes and looking at the stars at night,and with the fly installed,full coverage from the elements. In my opinion,even with the nifty little rear window propped open,it will be a hot night’s sleep in the summer if one needs the rain-fly on (making it potentially a good tent to use deeper into Fall and and late winter when temps are mild),but it does have a fairly roomy vestibule in front where one could easily stash their panniers and shoes/boots in the dry (something not an option with other tents I’ve owned in the past,not having full coverage as the Tempest does)…which is a very nice feature,as this tent is on the small size for a “2 Person” tent (though,IMO,it would also make a wonderful solo tent for someone like me,who enjoys having a bit of space inside). I did not take the time to use all of the guy lines included,as it looked as if a rain was coming soon and I wanted to be finished before hand,though it never came.

18 19 20


Inside,you find it has not just one (as I’m accustomed to having),but two of those mesh “sleeves”/pouched sewn in,hanging one on either side,for stashing small gear (wallets,keys,cell phone,etc),though I did not tie the extra one included in the stuff sack,as I said,I was in a bit of a hurry. Anyways,inside had about the amount of space I expected,given it’s (approximate) 4.5′ x 7.5′ size,which is to say,plenty for my son and I (he’s 11 until next month,mind you) to sleep,storing a bit of gear below our feet if need be,but not much room for anything else-which is fine for bike camping,IMO,as it’s sizing also helps keep the weight down.**

14 15 16 17

I have not read the warranty papers on this one (though I did purchase the one year free replacement offer from the retailer),I’m sure it’s industry standard or better. I did read that all seems have been factory double taped/sealed to aid in it’s weather-proofing,and reviews have had high praise for this tent in “horrid downpours” with or without further water-proofing,which is confidence inspiring. Reviewers online also noted that that they would recommend a footprint/ground cloth to put underneath to protect the tent’s bottom side,which IMO is always a good idea with any tent. I’m sure a purpose built footprint is available for this model,but I will use a simple tarp I already have cut to almost the perfect size already***,bought at a local hardware store for around $5.

Overall,I’m pleased with my purchase upon initial inspection,it looks and feels like a quality piece of gear,Kelty has a great reputation from what I’m finding,and this model,as I said,got rave reviews from other owners,plus with the sale pricing that I got mine for,it screams “Deal!” to me. Time will tell,***as the Boy and I are already in the planning stages of 2014′s first bike-camping trip,coming to a weekend near us soon. ****This tent reminds me lots of the cheap (as well as inexpensive) Northwest Territory 2 person tent the Boy and I bought/used in 2012 from a local KMart for $25 in size and design (which we still have,BTW),though it’s obvious it’s much higher quality,LOL,it’s just that it’s about the same size (about half the weight of that one however,and a different style of design,from rain-fly to mesh on the tent body). My first impression is a positive one,on all aspects of this model,I can’t wait to get out there and get to using it :)




*Wow…I didn’t realize the head end of our trailer was looking so…run down,LOL,I’m rarely back there :P It’s fine though,we will either be looking to buy a new place (or a brand new mobile home),or renovate the exterior of this one beginning the Spring of ’15. Two years after ours was made,Clayton Homes all or pretty much all had vinyl siding,we’re thinking hard about adding it to this one,as it will be paid off in >7 years and it appears a previous owner simply walked all around and left fist/punch marks in the tin,LOL!

**As he grows,we may invest in another Kelty (or other name brand,quality tent),possibly a “3 Person”,for added room when needed,keeping this one for solo trips.

***Will probably be a S24O (that’s Sub 24 Outing,meaning under 24 hours,like a one night camp-out after half a day riding to the spot…which will most likely again be the Virginia Creeper Trail,though I’m wanting to go do the 2-3 day New River Trail trip soon too.

****I no longer have a rain-fly for that Northwest Territory tent-the “Heavy Duty fiberglass-like” pole used in it kept breaking on me from normal use of setting the thing up,and after 3,KMart refused to replace any more of them,and somewhere between having moved twice from when we bought it (and when the following pics were taken),I’ve lost the fly itself. Still,it might be neat,even if only to me,to set them up side by side and compare the two,just for kicks :)





005-1 006 007-1


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1998 Manitou X Vert 80mm

Yesterday was a good day for checking the mail (even better than the day my favorite magazines-Dirt Rag,Bicycle Times,and Tactical Knives-all show up),as when I opened our little box,there was a key to one of the large/package boxes,and upon opening that,I see a box just big enough to house a fork,as well as a smaller soft package that I knew to be a t-shirt from an online Jeep club I joined (not a gift or club thing,this like the other one I have,I ordered and paid for :P ).

So riding back up the hill (good thing I rolled the Troll,LOL,it still has the rear rack mounted,and when I roll to check the mail,to the small in-convenience store/Subway or Pizza Plus,I throw a pannier on one side just in case) in a hurry to open it,I realized “Hey,I guess it’s official,I’m finally rebuilding the ol Trek”,LOL!

I haven’t had op to run it out to PFB to have them open it up and look at it,but it looks to be in decent shape other than needing the rebuild-in reality,I prefer/like my forks on the soft side,I may have them install it (along with a new headset) and test ride it before tearing into it,just to be sure it doesn’t ride where I want it to without touching it-I mean,I’m about 160lbs and prefer a soft fork,the seller could have been a 300lb man who likes a stiff ride out of his,one never knows. Pics…

1 2 3 4 5

Anyways,I have a new home away from home (tent ;) ) as of yesterday,so I’m going to run out behind the workshop and set it up to check it out,another post on that soon :)


PS: Still going well on the April Annual 30 Days of Riding,though I have yet to ride over 6 miles in any one day this month,LOL! :P

PSS: It just hit me (hours after the initial posting of this),out of all the suspension fork brands I’ve owned over the years (everything from DUO Track back in the day to RST,Manitou,Marzocchi,Rock Shox,etc),I’ve always been partial to Answer Racing/Manitou…if you look closely at the background picture shot last year by my son,I’m riding that Gravity G29 SS (singlespeed) with my trusty Manitou Drake-the same fork that currently resides on my only current mtn bike (well…technically the Surly Troll was designed as a mtn bike first and foremost,but I don’t have it setup as such).the On One Inbred 29″er SS (singlespeed),LOL…well,I found that interesting and funny,as I had not intended to be an all Manitou guy :P

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The 30 Days Thing and Possible Project

So today is April 4th,so far so good,I have 4 rides in for the month-albeit short (SHORT) rides,LOL! I’ve pretty much just spun around the park,less than 5 laps/miles each day (in the rain yesterday and today),BUT the pledge says riding of any distance,so…so far so good :P

The Boy’s 20″ Scott mini-mtn bike sold this week,but so far there haven’t been any hits on the Origin 8 CX’er-Brian (LBS Guru) says CX’ers are hit and miss in this area. It was hard to leave it there on the For Sale floor to begin with,so I brought it home today. I hate to rid myself of it,after thousands of miles spent together. Coincidentally,the Free Radical (Xtracycle attachment ;) ) kit still sits up in the loft of the workshop,collecting dust. I hate to let go of that as well. Can you hear it? Listen closely….smell the smoke? That’s all caused by rusty gears grinding and turning at full speed inside my head,LOL!

Yes,it’s occurred to me I could put the two together,but I wasn’t sure,as my Free Radical kit is the 26″ wheel kit,and the CX’er is obviously 700c (29″er with 2.1″ tires or bigger,2.1′s will fit that frame/fork as well),though I had figured that it wouldn’t be an issue,other than running two different sized wheels,as all of the brake and wheel hardware is built into the Free Radical,and it doesn’t really know what kind of bicycle it’s bolted onto.

After doing some researching,I also found that the only difference between the two Free Radical kits (700c/29″ and 26″) is in the brake adapter,so if I wanted to use the CX’s stock/current wheel,alls I would need do is procure a new adapter,or run disc brakes (not sure if my hubs are disc ready,but I digress…).

So while waiting and searching for parts on the retro-Trek build (as of today’s mail run,the Manitou fork has not arrived yet),I will clear out space in the workshop and do a mock-up of the Origin 8 CX’er as an Xtracycle,and if it feels comfy,I may order the needed supplies/parts (a new rear wheel for the Troll,so I can use the Trek’s original wheel-which is in use on the Troll-long chain and cables,misc. bits etc).

I must admit,it’s not that I need another project,or to keep these (CX’er and Free Radical kit),as they may collect dust,at least while we’re living here-and sentimental value isn’t worth much on eBay…but it’s just too difficult to part ways with both at this time. I’ll update when there is one (an update). Wishing everyone a great weekend :)

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Pivot Cycles Bike Demo

Today (well…it’s after midnight,so technically,yesterday,but I digress…) my favored LBS (Piney Flats Bicycles and Fitness,in Piney Flats,TN) hosted Pivot Cycles as they brought oodles of their high end mountain bikes for those with an invite to take for test rides at a local park (Steele Creek City Park). This is the first bike demo I can remember ever having attended,though I wasn’t able to stay long (and sadly,wasn’t able to hit trail on some sweet high end bikes…only around the parking lot for me,the Wife was in a hurry,sigh… :( ).

The bike I rode was a sweet carbon fiber hardtail with a nice parts package,most notably a top of the line Fox Forx fork up front…REALLY sweet bike (to the tune of being in excess of $4,500…$2G’s higher than any bike I’ve personally owned,LOL),though for the life of me,I can’t remember it’s name,LOL! I did take it all around the parking area,enough to know it was both lighter,better suspended,smoother and had better brakes than my own personal mtn bike (the On One Inbred),though at around 5-6 times more in price,it certainly should ride better than mine-but still,if I could justify and budget that kind of investment,I cold see myself buying one….ANYways,LOL,no pics of my riding it,but here are a few pics I shot.


That’s ace mechanic Tarbosh (Daniel) on the left,and good friend  and all around guru Chapman (Brian) on the right.

002 003

THAT’S the one I spun around on,sweet green/black one on the right :D

004 005 006

That’s PFB Shop owner and all around decent feller Trevor on the left,just getting back from an extended test ride,and Pivot Cycles rep (whose name I didn’t get) on the right,discussing the merits and detriments of the electric assist bike Trevor had just ridden.007 008

I enjoyed the few minutes I was there. Had the whole thing been held on any other day but Sunday,I would surely have loved to have spent the day there,just hanging out with a cool bunch of guys,while riding bikes well out of my budget (hey…being a legally disabled Veteran might make one proud to have served…but the pay sucks,hahaha! :P ),but I just can’t justify to my inner self skipping Sunday worship to my God. Oh…I’m pretty sure He could have managed running everything had I not shown up in His house today,LOL,but if I skip that I’m putting a few bits of metal and carbon fiber as a higher priority than He has in my heart and life…sorry,not preaching a sermon here,just sharing (not pushing or judging on/from) my beliefs a bit…

Anyways,today was a grand ole day,methinks,between all of that and a killer good episode of The Walking Dead (season finale,and yeah,they left us hanging :P ) ,with good food and time spent with the Wife and kids…to coin a phrase she and I say to one another often,”It don’t get no better!” :) Happy Monday everyone :)

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