I was treated and released earlier,by that I mean I was diagnosed and prescribed some new medications,an antibiotic,a steroid,and some moderate pain meds. Being a big baby*,when offered a shot “of strong pain meds”,I opted to not. I neither wanted a “strong pain med”,nor anything shot into my hip.

As The Wife’s work is >1 mile from Urgent Care and she got off of work within 15 minutes of the time my parents got me there and signed in,she came by and waited with me,let Mom and Pop go on home,she drove me by the pharmacy and picked up my meds,and on home where I took th emeds,and promptly went to bed until a few minutes ago.

The abscess is even larger now than before (I honestly expected it to “pop” in my sleep,as I didn’t expect it could possibly grow much larger before),so I expect it to sometime tonight (which will be both painful,and of great relief when it finally does,LOL),but those pain meds seem to be helping a bit,at least it seems to have taken the edge off of what I was suffering earlier.

Anyways,hope it heals fast,today is Bill Pay Day come 0800.




*Hey…I’ve stitched myself more than once,relocated my shoulder when dislocated twice over the years,set my own bone into place when broken twice (different bones,at different times) yanked a tooth out myself once in the past (the keys word there are “a” and “ONCE in the past” ;) XD )…I just don’t like needles in my butt :P

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SSA Fiasco #2 2-2-16,and a Personal Request

Copied adn pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-Congressman Rogers or his staff have a meeting with the Social Security Administration this Friday. On behalf of the 1787 requested thatRogers request that the SSA be suspend the ongoing mass hearings and the issuing of unfavorable notices/suspension of benefits until the litigation challenging the process has concluded. Do not know if the Congressman or staff will make this request -nothing to lose by asking. Rogers and his staff have been very helpful throughout, hope they will continue to do so. Also, been advised that Rogers has agreed to be interviewed by the Associated Press reporter after the meeting Friday.
Urge all to contact Rogers. If we don’t reshuffle the deck, worried about the consequences of the SSA crack down on our vulnerable friends and neighbors.
Share with those affected”




Asking for prayers and (if not a Christ believer)”good vibes”/thoughts of well being from anyone and everyone,and thanks in advance. I’m suffering the worst abscess I’ve ever seen (or been able to find online for the type I have),it has “set off” a spinal injury flareup in the last 24 hours. Can’t eat,sleep,sit,stand,lay down,barely walking,can’t move my head/neck in any direction,and am in excrutiating pain (trust me when I say that if I’M saying that,with my normally “high pain threshold”,doc’s words,it’s bad),as the 2 issues are playing off of one another and each is increasing the pain/issues with the other. I’m getting worse by the hour,and am not capable of safely driving myself at this point (The Wife is at work),so my parents on are their way to take me to the hospital. I’ll update when back.

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SSA Fiasco Update 2-2-16

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-the strange and distressing saga of the brush up between the SSA and the Associated Press continued today. The Associated Press( AP) reporter who was ejected not only from a hearing had last week, but from the building as well, told me that the AP filed a formal complaint with the SSA.
Not sure if this was a coincidence or not , but the Judge who allowed the AP reporter into a hearing, the day before she was ejected – astonishingly would not let my law partner into the first of three hearings I had this morning. When I explained to the Judge that my law partner was there to operate the laptop computer which contained my clients complex medical history- he not only refused-but demanded to know if the laptop was going to be used to “record the proceedings?”.
In all honesty I had no idea that laptops could even record. While I won’t mention the name of Judge-I have reached a diagnosis of him “Arrogant Paranoia”- possibly caused by internal pressure within the SSA? The sad thing is that this Judge is in a position to make very consequential decisions that will dramatically affect so many. I managed to be diplomatic with him during the hearing so it would not affect my client.
Share this strange tale with those affected.”

…I guess (aside from everyone employed within/for the SSA) judges forget that they’re elected officials who work FOR the people too,smh.

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Conn/SSA Fiasco 2-1-2016

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

1 min ·

Eric Conn fiasco update-below is a listing of the current status legal proceedings-
1.The redetermination hearings are occurring at an alarming rate for all 1787. (I have three hearings today). Concerned more than one thousand will default-and have their benefits cut off.
2. The jury trial against Conn filed by the whistle blowers is scheduled for September 6, 2016
3. The civil suits against Conn in Floyd Circuit on behalf of the 1787 are being held up pending the resolution of the federal court litigation to stop the ongoing redetermination hearings
4. The federal action to set aside Judge Thapar’s decision to allow the redetermination hearings to continue has been awaiting decision since December 23, 2015.
5 The litigation on behalf of the estates of the two suicide victims is pending against Conn in state court, and against the SSA in Federal Court.
6. Been advised that a Federal grand jury in Lexington has heard testimony from former Conn employees in December and January. (All should be presumed innocent under our system).
7. No action taken from the Kentucky Bar Association against Conn from either his campaign contribution criminal conviction in 2013, or the current ongoing debacle as to his former 1787 clients.
8. Expect Associated Press to publish series as to ongoing hearings they either attended, or tried to attend last week.
Share with those affected.”


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Model Build (Completed)

I haven’t done much in the way of building models (I only build cars/trucks,in 1:24 or 1:25 scale) since suffering the house-fire back in 2011. Mostly because that every time I’d sit at the bench to build something,I’d start thinking about the dozens of builds and hundreds of new kits lost in the fire,but also partly because sitting for long period of time at the bench ails my old injuries,and we’d moved around a bit after 2011 as well.

Shortly after the fire (while still living in the motel,uncertain what would come next) in 2011,I thought “I best build something,to take my mind off of things and keep me in the groove”,and started this kit (Revell 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt kit,1:25 scale),but just never could get me to finish it over those years. I did build a couple snap kits during that time (as well as started another,more serious,build that isn’t finished yet…but that would be a spoiler since I’m getting back on it as of today XD ),but nothing serious.

In the last couple of weeks,I decided that it was time to drag this Pony out and finish it up,get back into the groove if I could.

1 2 3 4 5 6

I had trouble getting the lighting perfect for the pics,it looks almost black (or charcoal maybe?) in most of these,but it was painted (way back when…) a correct-for-Bullitts Highland Green Metallic,shot right from the rattlecan (I used Tamiya grey primer,and Tamiya gloss clear,also from the can,I don’t own an airbrush. Paint is DUplicolor automotive paint). It’s a box stock/OOB (“Out Of Box”) build with the exception of the aftermarket resin cowl induction hood from Lex’s Scale Model Supply,which I’d had all along*. A few garage pics (including sitting next to 1 of those snap kits I’d mentioned having built)…

8 10 11 14 18

I’m glad I finally got a finished build under my belt,it’d been so long I wondered if I’d ever build again. Now,on to that other unfinished project I’d mentioned…



*Back in the day (pre-2011) I was very active in the hobby,active on several online forums (including 1 that I owned,”Plastihaulics Anonymous”**),as well as hosting/owning a website where I’d not only share my builds,but also review and test products from the hobby. This was mostly done out of my own pocket (I’d buy stuff,test it,and do a write-up),but there were a few “sponsors”. Alex,owner of LSM was one and a HUGE supporter of my site. This hood (along with several other hoods,detailing products like ignition wiring,heater hoses,battery cables,seat belt material,etc) was donated to me for review on that old site,free of charge. LSM is still around,Alex is a great guy,his prices are very reasonable and his product quality is second to none (no,I’m not being payed to say that,LOL,it’s truth).

**This was the Header pic,first thing you’d see when you logged into P.A. back in the day…


…and this was the “Footer” pic,both of which were artistically designed and created by good friend John,aka “The Schwinnster” up in Penn.


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SSA Fiasco 1-20-16

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

“Eric Conn fiasco update-below is an email I sent to Megan who works for Congressman Hal Rogers. Her email address is megan.bell@mail.house. gov – if anyone else wants to email her. There is a meeting scheduled next Friday between the SSA and Rogers office-so now would be a good time to contact. Share with those affected.From: Ned Pillersdorf <pillersn@bellsouth.net>
Date: Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 10:33 PM
Subject: Eric Conn debacle
To: “Bell, Megan (O’Donnell)” <megan.bell@mail.house.gov>

Megan-currently the SSA is putting all 1787 through redetermination hearings. If my math is correct-we fully expect about 1300 local folks to lose their benefits-The majority being SSI recipients. Despite a nationwide volunteer recruiting effort we have found representation for about 700. 100 others are being represented by other counsel or foolishly representing themselves. This means there will be more than a 1000 who will default, not show up for their hearings.
Bill Estep from the Herald-Leader told me there were 900 SSD and 900 SSI. 90% of those who have sought counsel attended the four public meetings we had are SSD recipients. Particularly concerned about the SSI folks. They are the most vulnerable.-They have never been able to work-suffer from autism, schizophrenia, etc.
Once the 1000 plus defaults receive their unfavorable notifications, there will be a dramatic collapse of our already fragile economy, and more suicides. Right now we are fighting a losing battle against the SSA in Federal court and in combating them in these rigged hearings that are occurring at an alarming pace. If you go to my public facebook page you read the desperate comments of these frightened folks. Any help you or the Congressman can lend in stopping the SSA would be most appreciated in stopping this impending humanitarian crisis-Thanks for listening-Ned Pillersdorf”

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SSA Fiasco 1-29-16

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-To date primarily due to the efforts of AppleRed Legal Aid and the national social security organization (NOSSCR) more than 700 of the approximately 1800 have been matched with volunteer lawyers to represent the former clients of Eric Conn who are being put through these damn redermination hearings at an alarming rate by the not so friendly folks at the Social Security Administration. A total of 120 lawyers have come forward with 70 being from out of Kentucky. Not since Hurricane Katrina have so many lawyers come forward to help those in need.
Despite this amazing response there is likely more than a thousand who are unrepresented or are foolishly representing themselves. Due not intend to be an alarmist, but once the thousand who are unrepresented start receiving their “unfavorable notices” we are likely to see a massive loss of benefits with grave consequences for those directly affected, as well as the potential complete collapse of our already struggling local economy in our poverty stricken region. Floyd County and Pike County could turn into Owsley County.
It is my understanding that the Associated Press is planning on doing a series of articles about this continuing debacle. Several clients, local officials have been interviewed, and the reporter managed to get into one hearing, and unceremoniously ejected from another. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and the ejection of the reporter not only from the hearing in Prestonsburg yesterday , but from the building as well, speaks volumes as to the attitude of the SSA and their shameful and arrogant posture toward those who question their authority.
We are still waging legal battles to stop these damn hearings.There have been efforts by myself and others to reach out to political leaders on all sides of the political spectrum.
Appreciate all those who have helped, and especially want to reassure the 1787 and their families, while they may feel powerless, frightened and overwhelmed, fierce battles on multiple fronts continue to be waged on your behalf.
Share with those affected.”


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