Honda Shadow VLX600; New Pics (and a video!)

From riding around town today:)

DSCF1592 DSCF1594 DSCF1596 DSCF1597 DSCF1598

Here you can see the seat,why I’ll be looking to re-cover or replace it…


…and the video (not sure how to post it up,it may simply show as a link to click. Make sure you have your speakers on😀 )

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Out of the Shop and on the Road

The shop called this morning,said the Honda Shadow would be ready to pick up around noon. With their recommendation (and my knowing better than to ride on a bald steer tire),I went ahead and had them throw a new tire on the front while they were at it.

MAN I had forgotten how much I love to ride a motorcycle! I mean…you think that you remember,but until you’re rolling down a nice country road looking at the scenery,you really don’t,LOL! So I rode about 125 miles (roughly half a tank of gas),and even rode along with a large group for 20-25 miles of it before I veered left back off the highway. Wow does it sound good/mean with those  Vance & Hines headers/pipes on there (loud pipes save lives!)😀

It will still need a few things done to it…the left signals do not work (so I’ll be tearing into that with my Dad tomorrow after church,the left rear is broken at the stem where the light portion attaches,though that won’t affect functionality of it when I get it blinking*,but something else I’ll be fixing ),forks leak a bit of oil so it will need at least new fork seals (something I don’t have all the tools to do),though I’ll probably have them go ahead and just rebuild them. Above 60MPH,it really needs some kind of wind (and bug) protection,above 68MPH (interstate😉 ) or so for any extended riding it definitely needs another gear–so I suppose the last mechanical thing that I do to it this year is swap out the stock 44t rear sprocket for a 40t or 38t for a smoother interstate ride (RPM-wise). The right passenger footpeg is missing,so no riding the Kids around** until I either find a matching one or replace them both.

Cosmetics come last after mechanical needs/wants. That said,there’s no telling how long it’s been since it had a good bath and polishing of it’s shiney bits,but that obviously wasn’t a priority for the previous owner (the tank and areas of the frame are in need of a good respray of paint as well,which is something I can do myself anyhow),and the seat is in need of recovering or replacement (several small tears).

I was a bit disappointed with it’s power though,I’d expected a bit more acceleration from a 600cc (having always preferred and owned smaller bikes),which going to a smaller rear sprocket will make more noticeable,but I digress…while it’s no hotrod,it is a good looking (and awesome sounding) cruiser,which is not only it’s intended purpose from the designers,but my interest in it as well.

I didn’t take the camera out with me,so no pics of it out of the shop yet. I don’t have a smart phone (I have a dumb one😛 ) that shoots great pics,and my camera is a full size unit,but I will shoot some soon,as well as a video to show the sweet sound of it. So anyways,I’ll catch ya later,I’m going back out to ride a while😛




*Maybe it’s simply out of Blinker Fluid?😛

**The Wife has no desire to ride “until she loses some weight” (her words,NOT mine😮😛 ),so it’s a me n The Kids thing for now.

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Still waiting on the (motorcycle) shop to call and say those 5 magical words that every man wants to hear whispered into his ear (through the phone receiver😉 )…..”It’s ready,come get it…”,LOL😛

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A Neat Little Bike That I Like

By “little”,I mean small displacement,it’s only a 250cc (which is small for a road bike). I don’t own one of these (obviously),so the pics shown here were pulled from internet (Google) searches.

Cleveland Cycle Works (CCW) has been pumping out some cool little bikes over the last few years,and for amazingly low prices ($3,200-3,500,+ or -). All of them are based on the philosophy of simplicity and inexpensive pricing,2 things I like,myself,LOL😛

Anyways,you can find their website via Google if so inclined (I don’t have a link,it’s late,and I’m wearing down fast for sleep😛 ),if you’re looking for cheap,honest transportation,something that has some sweet style,I’d say give ’em a look-see. I’m actually considering buying a new one myself within the next year,depending on finances (see SSA Fiasco…). They have several models to choose from,my favorite being Tha Heist model,a single seater bike that really is a blank canvas for someone to build a cool little bike to ride around town on. Here’s a few I found in my Googling for pics,other’s styles built on their own budgets (1st pic is a stock/factory bike to the right of a custom painted version)…


3 4 6 7 10 11 30 31 34 36 37 42 45 48

Now you tell me that’s not a cool looking little bike! Yeah….I’m thinking HARD about saving my dimes for my own*




*I have finally decided it’s time to stop smoking,and yesterday was my official “begin to quit” date I’ve worked out with my doctor–I smoked only 5 cigs yesterday (+ the one I will smoke in a few minutes before laying down) compared to my normal 20 (1 pack😉 ) to 30 cigs per day. So,that’s lots of extra dimes to save towards something,LOL😛

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New Toy; 2002 Honda Shadow VLX600

This is the motorcycle that I had mentioned that I was taking in trade for the GMC Jimmy. Without getting back into the snag in that trade where I repossessed the Jimmy at one point,the previous owner (bike)/Jimmy’s new owner came through and kept his word (for the most part*) Friday,I have title in hand for the bike. We are still waiting on the title to come in from Tennessee DMV in the mail for the Jimmy,but the day it does I will promptly call him,sign it over to him,and will be registering the bike in our name 1st thing Monday morning.

DSCF1588 DSCF1589 DSCF1590

As you can see in the pics,the bike is in decent condition overall,but it is still in the shop waiting on minor repairs to it’s charging/electrical system (parts are now on order/en-route,should be ready to roll out of the shop within 2 hours of the parts coming in later this week),but I have taken it for a parking lot test ride and all else seems well (as the mechanic also said). A few things that it will need in the near future are a new left rear signal light (housing is broken,but it works for now),and a front tire (back tire isn’t great,but it should last a few months),both of which I hope to get next month. Also as a side note,as I carry a cane in every vehicle that we own (because while I don’t need to walk on it all the time/everyday,I do need it on a regular basis),I will need to fabricate myself up a mount to carry a cane on the bike as well.

I’m pretty anxious to get to riding again,it’s been a few years since I’ve owned/ridden a motorcycle**,so after I go and re-make my license for motorcycles,I may also opt to enroll in a riding safety course,just as a refresher…one can never be too safe😉

I do have plans for this bike. It’s a nice looking bike as-is,but it looks just like every other VLX600 on the road. While there’s something to be said for animosity,I like to express my style with my rides (2 or 4 wheeled***). At the very least,I will probably tear down the body-panels in the off season for a refreshening/color change (we like blues😉:) ) if nothing else.




*He’s been caught in several lies. I don’t think this guy means any harm/malice–he’s a genuinely caring person–but I’ve learned over the last few weeks that he is a compulsive liar,and an alcoholic (for example of the lies I’ve caught him in,he even tried to tell me this was a completely different make and model Honda Shadow,LOL,a Shadow Spirit 750). He did,however,as he said that he would,pay off the loan he’d taken against the bike’s title,and go in and pay just over half of the shop bill ($250 of $400 total). He also insisted (and did) feed me and fill up the Mazda with gas Friday while we were out doing the running to get all that done,LOL! A nice guy,with a great big heart for everyone he meets,he just exaggerates everything that he says and drinks way too much (beer).

**The last bike that I owned was a restored 1986 Yamaha YZ125 like the one that I raced as a teen in the early 00’s (I also rode/raced the 250cc class),not a street bike,though I have had a few over the years (the nicest of which was an ’83 Honda V65 Magna,and an all original ’82 Kawasaki KZ400,not 100% sure of it’s year),but I spent every waking minute that I could get away while growing up (from age 5 until 18,and continued until I was injured on the job in 2001 at 28) riding and racing dirt bikes,owning more than I can now remember,but the ones I remember the most fondly are a couple Honda XR’s (a 200R and 250R),Yamaha IT’s (125,175,and a 200cc) and YZ’s (80,125,and 250cc–while I did trail ride the YZ’s,they were mostly raced in motocross). It’s been too long:)

***The FJ and (Mazda) 3 may still be stock for the most part,but I’ve personalized most of the vehicles that I’ve owned over the years,some of which have been posted here (like “LO BLAZE”,the slammed-low ’95 S-Blazer I had just a few years back). Bikes are no different😀

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SSA/Conn Fiasco; 5-16-16 #2

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-important client meeting next Wednesday at 10 am in the old Floyd County Courthouse. Purpose of the meeting is to prepare for the class action injunction hearing which is tentatively scheduled for June 1st in Huntington WV. You do not need to attend the meeting to protect your rights.
One of the legal arguments we have made to try and shut down the 1487 redetermination hearings is that the SSA waited too long in instituting the hearings. They had complaints about Conn and Daughtery in 2007 according to the whistle blower suit against Conn.
Interested in producing evidence that the delay has harmed the 1487 in that medical evidence has become unavailable due to the eight year delay, thus causing the hearings to be unfair. Also interested in producing evidence that Conn routinely did not submit
relevant medical evidence, but instead relied on the four suspect doctors.
Just because the Judge has scheduled a preliminary injunction hearing does not signal that we will prevail. On the other hand this is
probably our best chance to undo the damage the SSA has done to so many.
Share with those affected.”

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SSA/Conn Fiasco; 5-16-16: FINALLY Some Potential Good News!

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-Good news-just notified that the Federal Judge in West Virginia has decided to hold a hearing as to our motion for preliminary injunction. The preliminary injunction motion seeks to stop the 1487 hearings, and set aside the unfavorable determinations. There is no guarantee we will win the hearing, or get all the relief we are asking for. On the other hand, the fact that he has granted us a hearing over the objection of the SSA, might be the ray of sunshine we have been waiting for. Will update with further details, including the time and place for a meeting to prepare for the hearing. Share with those affected.”

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