Lest anyone think that all I will ever post again are SSA updates,LOL,I give you a video of The Boy riding a minibike earlier this week. A neaighbor is a collector of old minibikes from his youth (he’s my age),he has one from the late 70’s that he lets neighborhood kids (with helmet and parental permission,of course ;) ) ride sometimes. The Boy loves it. He’s heard all the stories of his dear old Dad’s exploits of having both grown up riding dirt bikes and having raced motocross for almost exactly 20 years,and as he’s the only kid here who will “open it up” and ride it wide open*,LOL,it seems he has his Dad’s DNA afterall :p

Without further delay,here’s a link to the Vimeo. Enjoy :)





*It runs out to only about 20-22MPH

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SSA Fiasco 9-2-15

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

12 hrs · Edited ·

Eric Conn fiasco update-been contacted by the national media, and wanted to clearly summarize the status of the crisis, and clear up some misinformation.
The fact that we have been aggressively recruiting volunteer lawyers to represent the 1470 scheduled for mass hearings starting in two weeks does not mean we are backing down from our position that the scheduled hearings should be stopped. To the contrary, we have repeatedly argued the hearings are unlawful, and unfairly rigged in a manner that will cause disabled individuals to lose their benefits. The motion to stop the hearings is still pending before the federal judge. During the last court session, it appeared the Judge was truly undecided.
There has also been suspicion that some of the 1470 are undeserving.To date, there is zero evidence that any of the 1470 had any knowledge that Eric Conn was engaging in any type of fraudulent activity as alleged by the SSA. In fact I have yet to meet the first class member who ever met Conn!
Having said that, I have no doubt that some of the 1470 are not qualified to receive benefits. Have repeatedly stated, that if you were not qualified, don’t you dare burden any of out wonderful volunteer lawyers with your presence.
To read the Federal pleadings in Federal Court filed in the Eastern District of Kentucky use the name “Cheryl Martin” as lead plaintiff. Could not be prouder of the pleadings that our legal team has produced. It has been a concerted effort led by Anne Marie Regan, John Rosenberg and others who have volunteered their time and talents,
Share with those affected.”


As of yet,we’re still unable to find legal council willing to help someone living in Tennessee (as are those in other states like GA,FL,and NC who are suffering this attack by the SSA in this group). We’re preparing for the worst case scenario around our household (losing my income and the SSA illegally trying to force some kind of repayment),but still holding on to faith (“trust in God,young man,but chamber a round too”,as the saying goes :P ,meaning trust in Him,but be willing to do your part to prepare as well ;) )

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SSA Fiasco Update 8-30-15

Not really an “update” so much as an explaination of sorts. Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

9 hrs · Edited ·

Eric Conn fiasco update-As a result of my interactions with the media and the volunteer attorneys yesterday , been asked to explain in clearer terms what is going on in Federal Court.
Simply put we are trying to prevent the SSA from putting 1470 former clients of Eric Conn through hearings starting in September which may result in them losing their benefits. It’s complicated ,but we have made two main arguments to the federal judge.
The first is that the vast majority of these people have already been put through reviews after the alleged misconduct of Conn. These are called CDR’s, in which the SSA has reviewed the status and found no reason to change their initial disability determinations. During the fifty minute oral argument before Judge Thapar on this issue he did not appear persuaded by this argument.
The second argument we made is that the proposed hearings are being “rigged “against the 1470. What I mean by “rigged” is that the SSA has announced that we cannot challenge the evidence that the four doctors Conn utilized made accurate assessments. The SSA basis for this position is that there is an internal secret report that entitles them to take this condescending position.
Our argument is that this is the United States of America, and we believe in due process, and that that there is no such thing as evidence you can’t challenge. Excluding evidence based on a report you can’t see, violates every principle of fairness than can be imagined. It’s what makes our judicial system unique and admired. Judge Thapar seemed more persuaded by this argument, in that he began the phone conference by raising this issue on his own.
The real problem we have to get around, is whether Judge Thapar has jurisdiction over any of this. The best way to explain this is that Federal Courts are very hesitant to interfere in the way any governmental agency runs their business. For those of you following the litigation involving the EPA, it has been vigorously argued that the federal courts cannot tell the EPA how to regulate the environment.
We have argued the court has jurisdiction in that the due process rights of the 1470 are being violated in this unprecedented action against these innocent victims.
Will advise when we get a ruling. Share with those affected.”

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SSA Fiasco 8-26-15

Haven’t posted any for a few days. As always,copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

10 hrs · Edited ·



Eric Conn fiasco update-despite the fact that the arrogant bureaucrats at the Social Security Administration know our request for preliminary injunction to stop their hearings is pending before the Federal Judge, they are moving ahead with their threat to have 1470 hearings starting in September and ending in December.(Been advised that some of you received hearing date notices).
If you received notice of a hearing date , and you don’t have counsel, contact Apple-Red using the contact information below. This is serious. Just because you are truly disabled, do not think they won’t take your benefits away.
Once we get a ruling from the Federal Court will notify promptly. Promise that we will keep battling these shameful actions by the SSA. Share with those affected”
      Not really related to the fisaco,but also…

      “Ned Pillersdorf

1 hr · Edited ·

Devastated to report that former Louisa attorney Bradley Wallace has passed away. Once upon a time we shared the joy with Brad ‘ s wonderful.patents, Virgil and Patty Wallace. of Brad passing the Kentucky bar exam. Brad took over the law practice of my late friend Kim Wright, and began a promising career of practicing law in his hometown of Louisa. Brad was one of the most gifted law clerks who ever worked for me. Tragically Brad ‘ s career and life deteriorated into a downward spiral due to addiction issues. Was advised he was found dead in Louisville this week. He was 57. Heartbreaking.”


I have not,as of yet,received such a notice,though I know it’s only a matter of time. The Wife has a long time friend who lives an hour or so away that she’s still close with (they talk often,we visit on rare occasions). I understand this is “hear-say”,but knowing the source well enough to trust her at her word…she has a friend who is disabled from multiple back surgeries/injuries,who spends most of her days much worse off than I. She went through a similar process/fiasco over the past year,and with legal representation ,she lost her income* after having been receiving it for over a decade. Not only that,the SSA has visciously attacked her finances and is forcing her to repay $10k of it (I’m supposing one still can’t squeeze blood from a turnip,as they say,but I don’t know what the SSA is doing to collect it,The Wife’s friend is supposed to find out for us).

Let’s not forget the timing of the SSA’s “proud announcement” being too convenient to be coincidence that “as early as early 2017,millions of illegal aliens (er…excuse me,”immigrants granted Amnesty”,smh) will be drawing disability income…”. This is not the same once proud Nation that I fought and bled for :'( I can tell you one thing,if they come for mine and take it away (when by their own guidelines and recent re-evaluation,I’m elligible,and having paid into it since the 1980’s at 15 years old,not the least of which voluntary military service…),I will be most interested in discussing “recovering overpayment”…specifically,every penny that I have ever paid into what will be proven as a scam on the American people to defraud them of their hard earned moneys.

Either they abide by their own ruling that I’m elligible and pay me what they owe me,that I myself paid for mind you,or they give it all back. It’s not their money (it never was,and never will be),it’s mine,I paid for it,and they cannot keep it (to attempt to do so,is them admitting that they stole it from all of us to begin with). They can’t have it both ways,they can either pay out what’s owed/due,or give back what they forcibly took from every paycheck ever earned. That’s the opinion of this US Army Veteran who served Honorably,anyways…




*It’s my understanding that fortunately for her,her family is still living and she’s had to move back home (I’m assuming based on conversation about her,she’s about my age,early-mid 40’s) with her parents,as she’s unable to work and would otherwise have found herself not only desperate for food,but also homeless. I bet the SSA is really proud of itself. I know I couldn’t sleep at night if I were so disgraceful,so despicable,so without any Honor what-so-ever…but that’s me,I’m not the SSA or anyone who works for them (thereby condoning what it does as an entity).

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If You Haven’t Read Any of the Other SSA Fiasco’s,Read THIS One…

I’ve found that thousands all over the country are being systematically attacked by the SSA,and thousands and thousands have lost/are losing their earned SSD incomes,and now this…

Coincidence? (it’d be highly improbable that I could be convinced it is…)

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SSA/Conn Fiasco 8-10-15

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-We had a fifty minute oral argument before Federal Judge Thapar this afternoon.(pictured are John Rosenberg, myself, and Ann Marie Regan who participated in the hearing)
We argued that the SSA has violated the rights of the 1470 former clients of Conn by scheduling hearings starting in September. There were times during the hearing I was convinced he would rule for us;and times I was fearful he would rule against us. The Judge indicated that if determines he has jurisdiction, he will immediately schedule a hearing as to the fraud allegations. Expect a ruling next week. Share with those affected.

— withJohn Rosenberg and Anne Marie Regan.”

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SSA and Conn Fiasco Updates (2) 7-31-15

Copied and pasted from Ned’s FB page…

Ned Pillersdorf

2 hrs · Edited ·

Eric Conn fiasco update-today -The National Organization of Social Security Representatives sent out a nationwide appeal for volunteers to help in preparing for the threatened 1470 hearings the Social Security administration has threatened to start holding in September.
There will be a phone hearing on August 10th as to our preliminary injunction motion to prevent these mass hearings. Share with those affected.”


2nd Update,also copied and pasted…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-This lady and the other 1469 former clients of Eric Conn would like the nine million dollars in attorney fees he unlawfully earned from them back.
Today we amended our class action lawsuit in Floyd Circuit Court seeking the return of the attorney fees based on the ruling earlier this week in Federal Court that Conn falsely certified that he was eligible to represent these folks. In case you missed it, Judge Thapar ruled that Conn’s prior resignation from the Veterans Court while under investigation effectively disqualified himself from representing individuals in their SSA hearings. The only reason he got away with it, was that he affirmatively failed to disclose this information in the SSA proceedings. He checked the no box, when he should have checked the yes box, according to Judge Thapar.
Share with those affected.”


Yes,Ned,we are. Especially since the SSA refused to pay out the “backpay” that I was entitled to when approved,claiming 1 excuse of “why I wasn’t owed more” after another. I was owed approximately $37,500 in back pay when I was approved disabled,only paid approximately $6-7,000 of it!

As always,THANK you Ned and Team,for all you do. :D

11535859_10204518138620069_142463131712949544_n - Copy


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