SSA and Conn Fiasco Updates (2) 7-31-15

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Ned Pillersdorf

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Eric Conn fiasco update-today -The National Organization of Social Security Representatives sent out a nationwide appeal for volunteers to help in preparing for the threatened 1470 hearings the Social Security administration has threatened to start holding in September.
There will be a phone hearing on August 10th as to our preliminary injunction motion to prevent these mass hearings. Share with those affected.”


2nd Update,also copied and pasted…

Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-This lady and the other 1469 former clients of Eric Conn would like the nine million dollars in attorney fees he unlawfully earned from them back.
Today we amended our class action lawsuit in Floyd Circuit Court seeking the return of the attorney fees based on the ruling earlier this week in Federal Court that Conn falsely certified that he was eligible to represent these folks. In case you missed it, Judge Thapar ruled that Conn’s prior resignation from the Veterans Court while under investigation effectively disqualified himself from representing individuals in their SSA hearings. The only reason he got away with it, was that he affirmatively failed to disclose this information in the SSA proceedings. He checked the no box, when he should have checked the yes box, according to Judge Thapar.
Share with those affected.”


Yes,Ned,we are. Especially since the SSA refused to pay out the “backpay” that I was entitled to when approved,claiming 1 excuse of “why I wasn’t owed more” after another. I was owed approximately $37,500 in back pay when I was approved disabled,only paid approximately $6-7,000 of it!

As always,THANK you Ned and Team,for all you do. :D

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SSA/Conn Fiasco Update 7-30-15 #1

A link to a news article…

My 2 cents…“”As of now, nobody has been harmed, nobody has lost benefits, so there is no injury,” Wicker said.”

Why don’t you go in person and tell that to the families who lost their loved ones as a direct result of the poistion and great anxiety/fear that Conn’s (alleged ;) ) actions put them in. Then he could make rounds to say such to all of us who’s credit reports are now damaged because of said “temporary suspenion”,as well as receipts for late fees,an sworn testimoney under oath from family members who had to help pay things with any loans they could manage to those of us who had to go to family to beg for said loans. I hate to burst your bubble,Mr. Wicker,but all of that is tangible “harm and injuries”,nevermind all the emotional turmoil on every one of us,all the time and effort people like Ned and his Team are putting in (for FREE). 

I don’t think that what you said means anything like what you think it does,Mr. Wicker.


Copied and pasted from Ned’s page in response a question I had personally posted…

Ned Pillersdorf

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Eric Conn fiasco update-How does Judge Thapar”s ruling on Monday in the whistle blower lawsuit affect the status of the 1470 former Conn clients facing hearings? After reading and rereading the 47 page ruling, a few thoughts.
First of all, contrary to the comments made by Conn’s lawyer,they have no reason to celebrate. Potentially very serious civil claims were not dismissed against Conn
Secondly, while the legal issues involved in the federal lawsuits are galaxies apart, there is one common hopeful thread. The Judge noted twice in the opinion that the flaw in the whistle blowers complaint is that they lacked any evidence that any benefits were paid wrongfully. In other words, their is still zero evidence that any of the 1470 class members received benefits they were not entitled to.
A final thought, in keeping folks updated, I am always mindful of the emotional toll and suicides that have been a constant dark cloud over this whole debacle. On the one hand, when there is bad news to report, I am always concerned how this will affect those hearing it. On the other hand, given the amount of misinformation, I believe it is important that people have accurate information. In my view we stand on strong legal ground in trying to stop the massive assault on the 1470 by the SSA as to their threatened hearings starting in September.
Their is no guarantee we will achieve a just result. We are admittedly in uncharted legal waters with an unprecedented and astonishing set of facts. John Grisham could not have imagined the events we are dealing with.The only guarantee is that the fine legal team we have assembled, will keep fighting for the innocent victims.
Share with those affected.”

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SSA/Conn Fiasco 7-28-15 Update #2,Documents

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SSA/Conn Fiasco Update 7-28-15

I haven’t added any updates for a while,but there’s been some developments. I will post the updates now,and in another post soon add the documents filed in court on our behalf by Ned and team.

Copied and pasted from Ned’s page,several updates following…

Ned Pillersdorf

15 hrs · Edited ·

The Kentucky Bar Association and Eric Conn- On a daily basis I am asked why the Kentucky Bar Association has not imposed any discipline on Eric Conn. I had the rare opportunity to confront a former bar counsel, who offered an explanation. In very general terms it was explained that when an attorney is under active investigation, they will defer until the investigation is over. The more I thought about the explanation , the more convinced I am that the explanation is bogus, and does not justify the shameful lack of action taken against Conn.
First the allegations Conn are not new .More than five years ago the Wall Street Journal ran their story documenting Conn’s Social Security misconduct. Two years ago Conn plead guilty in Franklin Circuit Court to organizing a campaign money bundling scheme to defraud Judge Janet Stumbo’s (my wife ) judicial campaign. Conn involved more than a dozen people in the scheme, and plead guilty to a misdemeanor. A condition of the guilty was that he self report his violation to the Bar Association.
The investigation as to the campaign guilty plea has been over. Why no discipline? The answer in my view is their is no excusable explanation. The truth is that there has been an abysmal failure of responsibility of the Bar Association to do their job, and protect the public.
Eric Conn’s law office is still open for business and he has the privilege of practicing law. Share this if you think he should no longer have this privilege.”


Ned Pillersdorf

Eric Conn fiasco update-devastated to report was contacted about another suicide. Spoke with the Johnson County widow yesterday. She blames the SSA letter, and constant fear of losing benefits.The suicide occurred over the weekend.
Will be speaking to the widow again in the next few days. Do not feel comfortable revealing any further information, except to say we are doing everything in our power to help those who feel overwhelmed by the situation the SSA and Eric Conn have put you in.
The national suicide hotline # is 800 273 8255-do not be afraid to call.”


Ned Pillersdorf

Very Important Eric Conn fiasco update-Bad news-The SSA planned assault on the 1500, or more correctly the 1470, will begin in September-unless we can stop them in Federal Court. Our motion to stop the hearings was formally submitted today to the Federal Judge. Below is the message I received today from John Rosenberg who is working on the case for our firm. John spoke with SSA official (Waggoner) about the planned hearings.Share with those affected!

The bad news is that SSA does intend to move these hearings along, beginning in September. They plan to schedule hearings daily though the end of the year, since the initial orders from “on high” were to get them done by the end of the year. Ms Waggoner said she thought there were about 1470 of these cases. However, so far the Hearing Branch has only received 643 files for scheduling, so she did not think that they would get it done by the end of the year. Furthermore, she said clients who came unrepresented and explained to the ALJ why they did not have a lawyer or representative, would get another 30 days to get a lawyer. That attorney would then need to identify him/herself, file a Form 1696, and then the ALJ would get in touch to schedule a date, I believe within 60 days.”


Our hearts,prayers,and deepest sympathies go out to the family/loved ones of the one who commited suicide over the weekend :'(

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Conn/SSA Fiasco Update 7-17-15

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Ned Pillersdorf

2 hrs ·

Important Eric Conn fiasco update-Today the Social Security Administration(SSA) filed their response in Federal Court in opposition to our request on behalf of the 1500 class action members to prevent the threatened mass hearings to possibly cause the loss of benefits to those previously represented by Eric Conn.
The combative response of the SSA maintained that they would commence with the hearings” in September”. Their pleading in my view condescendingly minimized the representational crisis in finding representation for the 1500, who are facing complex hearings, with little time to locate ancient and possibly destroyed medical records.
Their pleading also maintained they had the initial right to suspend without a hearing the 900 SSD recipients, based on their claim that fraud was involved. Of course not to be found in their lengthy pleading is a scintilla of a suggestion that any of the 1500 had any involvement in any fraud. Nor did the SSA in my view explain how the Conn fraud allegations which allegedly occurred in 2009 and 2010, allowed the SSA to subject likely a majority of the 1500 to hearings when the SSA reevaluated them after 2010, and found them to still be entitled to benefits.
The legal team we have assembled will be responding to the SSA’s continued attack on the innocent , vulnerable and collateral victim’s of Eric Conn’s scheming. By the way , to date neither the SSA, the Department of Justice , nor the Kentucky Bar Association has done a damn thing to Eric Conn.
Please share with those affected.”


Not the best of news,and just the beginning of the weekend that I need (sarcasm),sigh :/

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Conn/SSA Fiasco Update 7-13-15

As always,copied and pasted from Ned’s page…

Pillersdorf, DeRossett & Lane added 2 new photos.

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Important Eric Conn fiasco update-Aware that some of the affected 1500 have received letters that their cases have been referred for hearings. The problem is that finding representation for so many, of potentially complex cases, with the prospect that attorneys cannot be compensated is a daunting task.
The way we have been addressing this is that Legal Aid in Prestonsburg and other legal aid groups have been assembling a list of those who desire representation. Feel free to contact other counsel. Also, if your claim for benefits is not justified, we will not assist you. Don’t ask.
On August 10th the Federal Court has scheduled a conference as to our class action injunction motion that there be no hearings until the Social Security Administration can certify that the hearing process is fair. It is possible that the Federal Court might delay, or stop the hearings from occurring.
It’s complicated, but we do not believe the SSA has the right under their own regulations to commence with 1500 reevaluation hearings, when there is no evidence the recipients engaged in any wrongdoing. The pleadings can be read on
The SSA has threatened to file a motion dismiss the class action. It is interesting to note that the Federal Judge told them to respond to our motion for preliminary injunction before they file their motion to dismiss. This may or may not be a good sign. If he had scheduled their proposed motion to dismiss prior to the injunction hearing I would be worried. Regardless, I look for our battles with the SSA to be very combative.
In our view they are an arrogant bureaucracy ,who are indifferent to the pain and anguish they are causing in our communities.
Please share with those affected.”


I’ve learned as well,those of us not living locally are being turned away from local-to-the-center-of-this-mess legal help. Some of us are in TN,and I’ve seen where others are in SC,NC,GA,and Alabama,and most likely other places as well. I understand that it may be more difficult for local (to Floyd county KY) attorneys to help/work with those of us not living there (and just how many of us there are caught up in this mess vs how many attorneys are available general),but I’ve also learned the hard way that it’s nigh impossible to find any attorneys willing to help at all local to where we live since this mess is located primarily in Floyd county KY…I haven’t as of yet been able to secure legal help in this,so I can imagine others living as far or farther away have not either.

I’m beginning to feel left hung out to dry,personally,since both Ned’s office,as well as those his office referred me to over the phone have all basically told me the same thing…”well you don’t live here,I’m sorry about your luck but we have to look after our own (locals)”,though when Red Apple’s receptionist called to turn me away,she was nice enough to have looked up a local-to-us “Legal Aid” office’s number (I will be calling them today or tomorrow seeking help…though I don’t expect much of anything other than “sorry about your luck,but…”).

What with Conn’s office having had original copies of all of my medical records,and it pretty well being a known fact now that they have burned or otherwise destroyed (literally) millions of pages of records for former clients (myself included based on the lame excuse given to me by one of Conn’s closest people when I requested them)….meaning all of my records are gone forever,and with none of these lawyers being willing to help my family/me with our own case in this (other than,of course,to add our name to the oft mentioned Class Action suit…which I DO appreciate,though that is simply typing out my name on a long list of other people,and then simply dismissing me,passing our “buck” onto someone else at every turn),I’m beginning to become very worried about our prospect in all of this,that my much needed (and justified,BTW) income is going to soon be gone. I’m beginning to understand more and more first hand how those two individuals who commited suicide must have felt–not that I’m advocating such a stupid/desperate thing to do,or considering it myself,just stating that I’m now feeling the anxiety,fear,and sense of pure dread that they must have been feeling. I’m certainly not feeling as if anyone cares about my family in any of this. I suppose that I should be used to this feeling in general,because it seems to be just another chapter in the “That’s the Story of My Life!”,sigh.



*Even if I were able to go back to work,and able find a job that I can physically do for more than a week or three–I’m not,BTW–,not to mention a job that would pay anything to begin with (having only a little more than high school education,with my work experience being military and driving long haul trucks that I’m no longer able or qualified to drive…what with the SSA threatening to force anyone whose incomes they take away to “pay back any over payment”,meaning all of what each person had received from the first day…anyone/everyone who loses their incomes would basically be working just to have their wages taken as well–which would be fine,IMO,to do to those who faked their elligibility and were scamming everyone else as they didn’t deserve the moneys they’ve been paid out to begin with–but this could potentially be a death sentence to those whose claims are legitimate,who are legitimately unable to work and support themselves consistantly enough to hold a job (like myself).


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Conn/SSA Fiasco 7-7-15 Update #3

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Ned Pillersdorf shared Pillersdorf, DeRossett & Lane‘s post.

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Eric Conn fiasco update-Today we filed pleadings asking that the class action lawsuit filed against Conn and his law firm be certified as a class action by the Floyd Circuit Court. The proposed class is the 1500 individuals who received notifications from the SSA in May that their benefits are subject to reevaluation as a result of alleged fraud perpetrated by Conn. The proposed class representatives are Cheryl Martin and Robert Q Martin (not related).
It is important that if you are affected you do not have to be in lawsuit. You can contact other counsel, represent yourself or opt out. The motion is scheduled to be heard on July 17th at 9 am. You do not have to be present to be in the lawsuit.
Below is a copy of the motion that was filed. Since it is written in legal jargon, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me at my office (606) 886 6090, or call other counsel.
I will be out of town (Canada) until Monday, but my staff, including new law clerk Nealy Williams, can answer questions.
Once again, share with those affected.”

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